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The Sassy Cheerleader (2 Bags)

The Sassy Cheerleader (2 Bags)

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A product from our youngest supplier, 11 year old Sabine nicknamed Bean has created her own line of bags called Bean Bags.

A keen cheerleader Sabine designed this first bag with her cheerleading community in mind.

The Sassy Cheerleader is made from 6oz cotton, with reinforced handles and the feel-good factory using a sustainable product 🙂
Ethically made in our certified SEDEX Indian factory.

Very important Details To Note:

When cotton is recycled, it goes through a process where it is broken down into fibers and then re-spun into new yarn or fabric. Each source may contain different types of dyes or contaminants and the recycling process itself can contribute to variations in color which is considered a characteristic of recycled cotton that highlights its unique and sustainable nature. Therefore, this specific item can  can vary from batch to batch.

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