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The Exponents - Something Beginning with C (Vinyl)

The Exponents - Something Beginning with C (Vinyl)

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Carefully re-mastered for vinyl by Steve McGough at Stebbing Studios, the limited edition double album finally captures the true spirit of the recordings and lets you hear the album in the way it was always meant to sound.

Returning to New Zealand in 1991 with a huge catalogue of songs Jordan Luck had written during their time in London, The Exponents went into Airforce Studios in Auckland and recorded what was to become their greatest album. Starting with the smash hit “Why Does Love Do This To Me”, they added the singles “Who Loves Who The Most”, “Whatever Happened To Tracey”, “Sink Like A Stone” and “Erotic” to produce a 15 track album that was to mark the second coming of the Exponents and secure Luck’s place as one of New Zealand’s greatest songwriters.

The album was a massive hit, debuting at number 1, delivering three top 5 singles and going triple platinum in the process.
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