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Princess Chelsea - Everything Is Going To Be Alright (Vinyl)

Princess Chelsea - Everything Is Going To Be Alright (Vinyl)

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Princess Chelsea crafted her “nervous breakdown album” Everything is Going to be Alright, at home in pastoral New Zealand.

The album is a comforting offering. These aren’t wallowing sad songs, instead, they chronicle Chelsea Nikkel's recovery, and provide a hopeful and cathartic listen.

Princess Chelsea’s cinematic, dreamy pop has been refined over 11 years, five albums, an E.P, and 11 singles. Her delivery and songwriting is distinctive for layering almost naive earnestness with cynical, tongue-in-check wit and aural sparkles. Her 2018 girl group meets grunge track ‘I Love My Boyfriend’ and her 2011 Nancy & Lee inspired ‘Cigarette Duet’ have recently raised their heads into a wider public consciousness via the grass roots influence of a new Tik Tok Generation.

[LP] A1. Everything Is Going To Be Alright / A2. The Forest / A3. Love Is More / A4. Time / A5. I Don’t Know You / B1. Forever Is A Charm / B2. We Kick Around / B3. In Heaven / B4. Dream Warrior / B5. Everything Is Going To Be Alright (Pt. 2)

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