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Mixcast 4

Mixcast 4

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Mixcast 4 makes professional content creation easy. For Podcast creation, live streaming, event production, or voice over, Mixcast 4 will mix and record mic inputs, internal sounds and music via the trigger pads, and external audio input from your phone or PC.

Together with the TASCAM Podcast Editor software, a complete solution - including both waveform editing and sound pad control - is provided from pre-production to completion.

  • Podcast production of up to 7 people:
    ・4 mic inputs with auto-mix , 4 headphone outputs
    ・USB input, Bluetooth input, LINE IN (3.5mm TRRS) input
  • Invite guests and friends: Mix-Minus to connect call-ins with echo-free audio via Bluetooth, USB input or 4-pole TRRS audio cable
  • Sound pads for instant sound triggering and effects
  • Easy and intuitive control using the 5-inch touch panel
  • Fully compatible with the dedicated TASCAM Podcast Editor software to cover the entire production workflow
  • Direct internal multi-track recording to SD card (up to 14 tracks)
  • 14in/2out USB audio interface

Equipped with 4 mic inputs and 4 individual headphone outputs, the Mixcast 4 is always ready for production thanks to the installed auto-mixing function that will automatically adjust optimal levels and set mic priority with no troublesome configuration for a perfect mix. The Mixcast 4 also showcases a 5-inch colour touch screen that provides quick and intuitive access to desired menu control settings.

From audio recording to the mixing of recorded audio, the Mixcast 4 offers a one-stop solution with multiple convenient functions such as 14-track multi-track recording direct to the unit's SD card.Not only with four mic inputs, but also with Bluetooth®, a LINE IN (3.5mm TRRS) connection, and PC connectivity allows the unit to easily mix and record phone conversations/sound sources and let 7 people in maximum join the program. In addition, it supports Talkback function for internal conversation that will not be on the main recording.
The Talkback output has been expanded to USB/ Bluetooth/ LINE IN (3.5mm TRRS) connection in addition to the headphone outputs. (supported from V1.30)

The Mixcast 4 comes with fully customisable sound pads. In addition to preset sound effects, users can flexibly assign new sounds or even pre-recorded mic sounds that have been recorded on the unit. The Mixcast 4 sound pads also allow for easy and real time voice effects such as voice transformation, reverb, and more to make live-streams and recordings even more interesting and fun.
For the real time effects, common settings can be applied for up to 4 mic inputs simultaneously. (supported from V1.20)
The playback level of each sound pad can be adjusted, and pad banks can be switched while recording.(supported from V1.30)

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