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Jan Hellriegel - Sportsman of the Year (Book & CD)

Jan Hellriegel - Sportsman of the Year (Book & CD)

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THE BOOK Sportsman Of The Year - A Suburban Philosophy is Jan Hellriegel's 4th studio album, with a unique twist: it is also a beautifully produced book with photos and 12 chapters based on the new songs.

She describes Sportsman of the Year as a ‘musical in a book’. The book grew out of her album project when Jan realised the songs were taking a more philosophical, personal direction. She decided to share some stories in parallel with the music, each informed by the other.

Includes access to high quality music files.

Jan says Sportsman of the Year is about finally arriving at a place where she can look back at failures, disappointments and rejections with a sense of accomplishment and pride, knowing that without them she wouldn't be doing what she is today. It is about following your dreams and never giving up.

THE AUTHOR Jan Hellriegel is a New Zealand songwriter, performer, producer, music publisher, business owner, mother, and now, author. She is also a passionate advocate for local music artists and the protection of their works and rights, and a noted music copyright expert. Jan was working on her 4th studio album Sportsman Of The Year when she realised that the thematic material could not be contained by 4 minute songs. So she wrote a bit more. This is her first book.

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