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Delaney Davidson - Shining Day (CD)

Delaney Davidson - Shining Day (CD)

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Delaney Davidson looks wryly at the packed suitcase, nailing the last things into place for his 2018 migration. It was supposed to be a year of settling in but the world has other plans for him, starting with his new album release.

 50 days into 2018 and Davidson has ticked off a 6 song writing session with SJD, album production for Belladonna (Lytteltons black metal doom band). Publicly debuted his work with Barry Saunders (The Warratah’s), recorded a Charlie Feathers tribute album with Dr Bruce Russell (the Dead C), confirmed his return to The Great Escape Brighton UK, put a European tour together, and capped it off with an international label signing.

UK label Glass Records Redux (Spaceman 3, Spiritualized) has picked up “Shining Day” his 9th Solo Album. It has been 2 ½ years since the release of his last studio album “Lucky Guy”.
The release will coincide with his 14 date tour with long time collaborator Marlon Williams taking in Brussels, Cologne, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Besancon, Paris and Utrecht. Before heading to Eastern Europe to play Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia.

Marlon Williams says “sharing the stage with Delaney in Europe for the first time is a prospect appetizing
beyond all telling”.
Featuring songs written by Davidson, Shining Day, also has some notable collaborations; co-writes with SJD and Nathanial Rateliff (AAA USA No. 1 chart topper). As well as featuring guest appearances from Neil Finn and SJD.

Neil Finn says: “Delaney is a real artist. Whether he is expressing himself with tender and haunting ballads or abrasive garage energy every note counts and it’s coming from somewhere deep and heartfelt”.

Tracklist 1 Strange I Know 2 Such A Loser 3 What Am I Doing Wrong 4 Ever Gonna See 5 Ten Ton Forty Foot Carnival Girl 6 Shining Day 7 Washkas 8 The World Is Mine 9 Lucky Star 10 So Far Away 11 Bottomless Hole

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