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Brooke Fraser - Albertine

Brooke Fraser - Albertine

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Brooke Fraser's Albertine is available on vinyl for the first time!

In Albertine, Fraser brought us legendary songs such as airplay hit ‘Deciphering Me’, the unforgettable ‘Shadow Feet’, and the album’s polarizing title track.

Just three years earlier, Fraser emerged with her multi-platinum debut album What To Do With Daylight which saw her become a household name at an early age. She came to have a permanent residency on the charts as the album produced four #1 radio hits. Following two life changing trips to Tanzania and Rwanda, Brooke turned to her roots and went to the heart of songwriting with her follow up album, Albertine.

Camping out in Los Angeles and recording over a Californian summer with an all-American cast, Albertine came to life. Behind the classic record is American producer Marshall Altman and engineer Joe Zook along with a talented cast of studio musicians who have played for a number of big names including Jane’s Addiction, Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morrisette, Lionel Richie, Jewel, John Mayer, Sarah McLachlan and more. 

Albertine charted at #1 when it debuted in December 2006, becoming her second successive #1 NZ album. Brooke continued to dominate the charts with lead single ‘Deciphering Me’ and ‘Shadow Feet’ with both holding #1 all airplay positions.
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