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Boom! Boom! Deluxe - (Vinyl)

Boom! Boom! Deluxe - (Vinyl)

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Over the last few years BOOM! BOOM! DELUXE have been taking the New Zealand and Australian Rockabilly and Rock n’ Roll scenes by storm, with two acclaimed albums of original 50’s inspired Rock n’ Roll and a non-stop touring schedule delivering high energy performances and leaving tired but happy dance-floors behind them.  Fronted by NZ Rockabilly royalty pin-up legend Hettie LaBombe and partner harmonica blowing D.D. Deluxe their modern Rockabilly delivery with hints of Jazz and Swing (courtesy of Hettie’s singing and playing style) and also heavy rock and blues (D.D’s contribution) makes for a truly unique experience.

Recently signed to Plan 9 Trash records in Austria, the band are touring Japan in May 2020 and Australia and Europe in 2021

Their new album “TeenageJuvenileDelinquentRock’n’RollHorrorBeachParty!” released in March 2019 on legendary Austrian Label Plan 9 Trash Records has received rave reviews around the world “An album to make you fall back in love with Rock n’ Roll”. Recently the band performed live on TVNZ’ “Seven Sharp”, the first NZ Rockabilly band ever on prime-time TV, and appeared as themselves in US/NZ/Denmark drama show “Straight Forward”.
Good time music for good time people!

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