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Belly - Bees (RSD 2021 Vinyl)

Belly - Bees (RSD 2021 Vinyl)

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New England alternative rockers, Belly, have been performing and recording quirky and utterly original guitar rock for 30 years. Belly formed in 1991 after Tanya Donelly left Throwing Muses. Just prior to leaving the Muses, Donelly co-founded the Breeders with Kim Deal of the Pixies. Realizing she needed more space to create her own vision, she recruited Fred Abong to play bass, and brothers Chris and Tom Gorman to play drums and guitar respectively. Just prior to their debut release in 1993, Abong left and was replaced by Gail Greenwood, a veteran rocker who has gone on to play bass with L7, Bif Naked and Benny Sizzler.

ROG in cooperation with Belly have created a new vinyl collection of rare B-Sides that are all making their debut on wax. The band is handling new artwork and design for the project.

When asked about the new vinyl collection, Tanya Donelly said, “This is a band-picked compilation of our favorite misfits, spanning 26 years, with most appearing on vinyl for the first time. We’re proud of these strays, and there is as much love and work in our B-Sides and one-offs as in our album recordings.”

The 2-LP 180g set is mastered and lacquered by Jeff Powell at Sam Phillips Recording Studio and comes in a beautiful gatefold tip-on style jacket.
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