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AC/DC - PWR/UP Limited Edition Lightbox (CD)

AC/DC - PWR/UP Limited Edition Lightbox (CD)

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AC/DC unleash their highly anticipated new album POWER UP, marking the legendary band’s first new music since 2014. 

For their seventeenth full-length album, the band reunited with producer Brendan O’Brien who helmed BLACK ICE in 2008 and ROCK OR BUST in 2014. Charged up for the next decade, AC/DC cut twelve new tracks for the album, proudly maintaining their signature sound and all of its powerful hallmarks.

POWER UP is available in multiple configurations that will excite collectors and die-hard fans alike, including digital, CD, and deluxe versions. The limited edition, one-of-a-kind deluxe POWER UP box is the ultimate fan package. Hit the button on the side of the box and watch the flashing neon AC/DC logo light up while the opening bars of ‘Shot In The Dark’ blast out of the built-in speaker. Inside the box is the full CD package in a soft-pack with a 20-page booklet that features exclusive photos and USB charging cable allowing the box to remain powered up and on display. The vinyl LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a gatefold jacket. Limited edition variants of the LP are available at select retailers nationwide, as well as the band’s online store. The album is available on all digital platforms.

The album has already received critical acclaim from The Age with Martin Boulton saying “Kick-started with scorching opener ‘Realize’, this first new music since 2014's ROCK OR BUST album has all the hallmarks of classic AC/DC, a band that has defied death, hearing loss and the many rigours of life on the road, to not only endure, but continue thrilling their army of fans.”

He continues “AC/DC is not just a band to its fans, it's a thoroughly reliable commitment to the power of guitars, of drums, of rock, and to never compromising. And ‘Realize’, like all 12 songs on POWER UP, is credited to Angus and Malcolm Young. Some things, it seems, truly never change.”

Check out the full tracklisting below!

AC/DC are back in 2020. POWER UP is out now.


1. Realize

2. Rejection

3. Shot In The Dark

4. Through The Mists Of Time

5. Kick You When You’re Down

6. Witch’s Spell

7. Demon Fire

8. Wild Reputation

9. No Man’s Land

10. Systems Down

11. Money Shot

12. Code Red

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