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Our Vision 

Driven by our passion for music, events and community Mood is the realisation of a dream to build a socially responsible multi-platform ecosystem offering true integration across traditional and new media, all with social good at it’s heart.

Mood Media will have the ability to stretch and grow utilising multiple mastheads incorporating radio, online, TV, print, live broadcast and social media along with a physical base - Mood - where brands can come to life. 


Broadcast and music pioneer Grant Hislop, founder of The Rock, Radioworks, Kiwi FM, Coastline FM, curator of media brands ZM, Hauraki, Juice TV, Rip it Up, Groove Guide and Channel Z - and a man who has worked with some of NZ’s most successful bands including Goodshirt, Pluto, Opshop, Shihad, Anika Moa, Jordan Luck and Fur Patrol. 


We are experienced, knowledgeable and well connected.

  • Content Creation & Creative Thinking
  • Social Media 
  • Event Management 
  • Media Advertising - radio, print, digital
  • Public Relations (PR) and Promotions 
  • Multi-purpose physical space - retail frontage, event space
  • Talent and Entertainment Services 


 The Station 105.4FM

Unshackled from the boundaries of genre and era, The Station is a unique approach to programming taking the listener on a musical journey. Grant has deconstructed the traditional commercial radio format eliminating repetition, inane self indulgent announcer interruptions and has developed a commercial model focused on content that blends with the programme as opposed to being an unwelcome interruption. 

  • Full Bay-wide Coverage on 105.4FM 
  • The Bay’s only local commercial station broadcasting 24/7 
  • A unique music proposition - appealing to audiences of The Sound, Coast, The Hits, More FM, The Rock, The Breeze, Hauraki, The Mix, National Radio. 
  • Social Consciousness - we will be active in mainstreaming ideas around sustainability and positivity to the world’s future but without preaching! 
  • A minimum of 30% NZ Music 
  • A commitment to developing artists from the Western BOP. 
  • A unique approach to creative for advertisers. 
  • Low commercial content - less than half of the commercial content of any other commercial station. 

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Online – Print – Radio – TV – Live Broadcast – Social Media

Using our unique ecosystem, it offers for the very first time a one stop solution for local businesses and community to enhance, share and engage. is an authoritative, independent and neutral media epicenter dedicated to connecting our community and it’s visitors to all our regon has to offer via multiple portals.

News, attractions, festivals, parks, eateries, bars, music, film, theatre, exhibitions, comedy, sports, fashion, taonga, ticketing, opportunities; all available in one place for the first time.

Curated locally in bite-sized, easy to consume and non-patronising formats.

Your events, your listings, your opportunities, your guide!

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Juice TV

An exciting new offering (or return?!) The previously successful Juice TV channel is available nationwide & free to air on channel 200.  Curated at Mood the 24 hour music television channel will provide a full spectrum of music video from all genres and eras.

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Offering a nationwide news bulletin solution for radio operators of all sizes. It's an affordable monthly plan to cover breakfast, lunchtime and drive news bulletin needs.  Utilising news readers from around the country with a wealth of experience in the media industry, the service provides flexibility and a new approach. 

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The Hamilton App

The Hamilton App makes living in and visiting Hamilton easy. It’s Hamilton in your hand and so far sports 20,000 users. Listing events, parks, shops, playgrounds, attractions and streets Hamilton App contain all the information and daily news you need. 

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Home of Mood

With a strong physical presence right in the heart of Tauranga’s Historic Village, Mood is a living breathing hub where all these elements come together.

It is a unique destination,  combining a music store, coffee & lounge bar, offices, event space, performance studio, PR business and the home of The Station, which broadcasts live onsite.

Stocking a wide selection of turntables, vinyl, music books, headphones, guitars, t.shirts, hats, apparel and music inspired gift items…it’s a music lover’s home!

With the ability to offer full production, catering, entertainment, guest speaker and performer options as well as having full broadcast connectivity for live streaming or radio/TV broadcasting our offering for ‘big thinking’ and collaboration is endless.

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