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Elemeno P - Elemeno P (Vinyl)

Elemeno P - Elemeno P (Vinyl)

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“We decided to make this record self titled as it really felt like it's the most honest and elemeno pish record to date so we thought it appropriate to simple call it Elemeno P.”

Six years, sixty thousand records and hundreds of gigs later we find Elemeno P at their pinnacle. After travelling this and many other countries as a team they have formed a bond that could only be described as a family, a family that keeps growing with marriages, births and the crew that has supported them along the way. Recorded under the blossoms of Mount Eden and the guidance of only themselves Elemeno P had nothing to prove and no one to please but themselves.

The sound is fresh, the songs are pop and the feel is mature, Elemeno P have grown with their fans while allowing room for the new.
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